People from Nets

… A while ago

2E0BPU Nick, 2E0GSX Kevin, 2E0MOC John, 2E0UVO Andy, 2E0WOL Wolfgang, 2E0YVR Linda, G0KRT Eric, G0OFN Ian, G1COW Ross, G1HRD Vince, G1KAG Andrew, G1SKR Eddie, G1UAI Carlos, G3ZMF Frank, G4DFA Tom, G4LJU Colin, G4NHO John, G6LTT Ron, G7CRQ Adam, G7ELZ Trevor, G7IVJ Simon, G8AAI Mike, M0BOV James, M0JJK James, M0NDN Alex, M0TZO Paul, M0UJC Jim, M0YAZ Graham, M3GYI Lionel, M6HVS Brian, M6NAP Dennis, SM6YOR Tor & W1XYZ Bob

If i’ve missed any callsigns/names it’s because it may not have been recorded on the old site, which was last updated 2014.

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